DeWalt Workwear

Trade Workwear Provider

The Challenge

DeWalt stands out as one of the leading workwear providers on a global scale, with a strong emphasis on durability and quality, the company has gained recognition for its commitment to delivering work clothing that incorporates the best technologies, materials, and craftsmanship.

DeWalt Workwear’s dedication to excellence is unrivalled, making it a preferred choice for professionals across various industries and for the past 5 years we’ve been hammering home these key points and principles on their social media channels!
Our team had the privilege of collaborating with the UK workwear division of DeWalt to develop a comprehensive system for content creation. This involved working closely with the US compliance team to ensure that all brand standards were meticulously met. By seamlessly integrating the expertise and insights of both teams, we were able to produce captivating content that consistently highlights the best of DeWalt’s workwear range. A primary objective of our collaboration was to establish a regular pattern of content creation that maintains a high level of consistency and engagement. Through careful planning and coordination, we have implemented a weekly content release schedule that showcases the latest product launches, seasonal campaigns, and other exciting updates. By adhering to this schedule, we have ensured that DeWalt’s audience is consistently informed and eager to explore the brand’s offerings.
One of the keys to the success of this content creation system is the diverse range of delivery methods we have employed. From informative posts to visually striking social media updates, we have diversified how DeWalt Workwear’s content is presented to the audience. This approach ensures that the content remains fresh, exciting, and relevant at all times, capturing the attention and interest of the target market.
The clear communication channels established between our team and DeWalt Workwear have been integral to this efficient and stress-free system. By maintaining open lines of communication, we have been able to align our efforts seamlessly with DeWalt’s vision and goals. This partnership has resulted in a well-structured and streamlined content creation process, eliminating any potential obstacles and maximising productivity for our client, with advanced schedules of content a prerequisite that we were happy to deliver and implement.  By employing a comprehensive content creation system that involves both the UK workwear division and the US compliance team, we have successfully showcased the best of DeWalt’s range through captivating and consistent content delivery. With various delivery methods integrated into the system, we have ensured that the content remains fresh and engaging at all times. This stress-free and efficient system has further solidified DeWalt Workwear’s position as a prominent player in the workwear industry. 
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