Personal Injury Lawyers

The Challenge

Eldred Law Firm is a distinguished legal services provider specialising in industrial disease claims, including noise-induced hearing loss, asthma, vibration white finger, dermatitis, asbestosis, repetitive strain injury, and cumulative back syndrome.

The firm takes a dedicated approach to seeking justice for individuals affected by workplace-related health issues. Eldred Law operates on a “No Win No Fee” basis and is highly rated for its expertise in industrial disease claims, backed by over 750 positive client reviews. In addition to its commitment to providing exceptional legal services, the company prides itself on offering specialist expertise and a wealth of experience in handling various types of industrial disease claims. Our team, which has worked with Eldred Law for several years, has leveraged those core unique selling points to create targeted content that creates a sense of care, responsibility and trust.
We also back up this consistent weekly content with a robust lead generation and traffic-based advert system, with a fully designed and effective system that consistently delivers over 20 hot targeted leads per week. The company’s strategic approach is complemented by captivating and compelling content on its main feeds, ensuring a strong and engaging online presence, with a full working eco-system that needs no interaction from the brand itself, other than its weekly approvals to check content, and daily logins to the CRM system to pull their targeted leads.
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