Onboarding Meta Accounts Correctly

1 May 2024

Onboarding Meta Accounts Correctly


Thanks to almost no support from Meta and several different ways you can start pages, many clients come to us already incorrectly set up, usually via the backend of their pages via an admin status. While this will give you control over who accesses your Facebook page, setting it up correctly via Meta’s Business Manager system ensures the following:

  • Full ownership of all your channels in one place
  • The ability to verify your brand or business
  • The ability to open advert accounts
  • The ability to link your Instagram page, e-commerce accounts and more
  • The ability to add whoever you want to manage various parts of the system at the click of a button

Many clients do have a Meta Business Manager account already in place, but checking to see your current setup is as easy as clicking the following link – https://business.facebook.com/select

This will bring you to a screen that lists all your available business manager accounts OR will ask you to register to the system. If this is a new system for you, simply work through the signup system and you’ll eventually find yourself at your brand new dashboard:

From here we need to click the cog on the bottom left to get us to our main dashboard (BUSINESS SETTINGS) and hopefully, the following key area will open:

This is where we can handle most processes for your business, and is a page that you should have bookmarked for easy access. I always advise that you should work through the following:

  • Click BUSINESS INFO and verify your business and ensure all details are correct and added here
  • Click ADD PAGES and ensure your Facebook page is anchored here
  • Click INSTAGRAM and ensure your channel is added here
  • Click PEOPLE and ensure anybody who needs to be added to your business has been with the correct permissions

As with all Meta areas, there are a huge amount of areas that can clash, cause errors and more, so any problems, as always, just reach out to our team via our live WhatsApp chat service!

Further reading – https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1710077379203657?id=180505742745347