How to Invite Personal Linkedin Contacts to your Linkedn Page

4 July 2024

LinkedIn has one of the most progessive invite systems of any social media network, which allows you to leverage an admins personal contacts and invite these contacts to follow the branded LinkedIn page. As LinkedIn prides itself on allowing users to build professional contacts, this can be a useful way to provide constant organic growth.

As with all imvite contact systems, there are a few rules:

  • You must be the admin of the page
  • You can only invite contacts that are in your professional network
  • You can only invite comtacts one to prevent spam behaviour
  • You have 99 invites per month, but these are credited back if somebody accepts the invite
  • This system then resets at the end of the month
  • This is a DESKTOP only system

To action, simply visit your page, and click the INVITE CONNECTIONS section, which will then open all your contacts:

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